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HealthCare Logging Mobility

An activity tracking app for the patients used by the nurses for on spot logging

Better Care, for better living

Medicine and computers have somehow been like two parallel lines that never meet. Despite the modernization of many hospital systems and the addition of computer based operations and equipment the system largely depends on the human touch at the end of the day. And the collateral damage is incurred people who handle both paperwork and patients. Nurses!

The new ADL app will revolutionize this system to help nurse’s record hourly or regular updates about their patient’s activities and progress from a mobile device. The app will also allow the user to create a list and also edit an auto-generated patient list. In doing this we reduce the time frame in recording patient’s activities later onto a platform where vital information could be missed by human error.

Make care simpler now.








User Experience Design

Nurturing technology for the nurturer.

Nurses are the unsung workers in the medical arena. They attend to emergencies first. The ADL logging app makes their life a little bit easier by giving them an all new experience on multiple platforms. Using the app nurses can select their unit, manage the list of patients they handle and enter ADL’S while they are with their patients.

Patient care, made easier

This quick to use, on the spot application had radically improved nurses' reaction times and that has greatly impacted long term patient care.

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