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Business Travel Enterprise Expense Management

A travel and expense management application which assists business travelers at every step of their journey.

Business Travel, Simplified

Obligatory travelling is a byproduct of working in an organization, be it in the private or public sector. As the name suggests, this tribe’s travelling habits revolve around time-bound ‘hard ‘objectives which have a direct impact on the company’s growth and expansion. In order to be as efficient as possible, this group of people want technology to smoothen their travel and ensure the objective of their trip is met.

Therefore, with this opportunity, we created an all new mobile user experience for this traveling group. A typical use case would be, when an employee working for a certain organization has to leave for a business trip on a short notice. A scenario like this would require the person to do things like raising requests for ticket bookings, reserving hotel stay, and managing the expenses of the trip. Considering the mental model of the person going on such kind of a trip, a handy alternative was created for making the entire process easy for the employee as well as the HR team.




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Concept to Prototype, User Experience Design, Visual Design

Assist travel app screens in perspective displayKey screens of the project

detailed description on the key feature of the applicationDetails of the features of the assist travel app

Arrive before you're there

No extra steps needed for managing business travel. This app collates all the information you may need from your organization as well as from your destination to help smoothen your obligatory travel.

Time is precious

No more do I worry about having to work on different platforms to arrange my business trips.  With Travel Assist, everything is just one click away, accessible at all places and times on my personal phone.

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