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Car Connect

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Get the details of your car and its performance statistics on your fingertips with this app.

When your car is also on priority

Forgetfulness is a part of human nature. But unfortunately our nature forgets the most important things, especially when they have a deadline. For example: your car. Most of us never service, fuel, clean or probably pay heed to the needs of our cars until and unless the engine might probably blow up. And that will cost. Big.

Here is a small solution to save a bigger problem. Carconnect is your exclusive digital ledger to maintain, service, fuel and love your car. The app’s design and purpose is to make sure you have the details of your cars at the ready when you need them.

Connect with your car now.








UX Design, Illustrations, Visual Design

The spark plug to loving your car

With CarConnect you have yourself a personal record of your cars performance and health. The app lets you manage everything about your car from fuelling to service. And this ensures all round care and connects with you for your car.

Don’t just own a car. Love it.

We all buy cars but never fulfil the task of maintaining it. CarConnect has solved that void by making sure all the requirements to manage owning a car are at ones fingertips and results in better maintenance and better living.

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