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HealthCare Logging Mobility

An alternate user experience of the EMR application to improve the adoption rate.

Redefining Medical Equations.

Standardized medical practices and methods are the need of the hour. And to achieve that, there needs to be perfect coordination and timely action by the various parties in a hospital; from the doctor to a nurse to the patient. When there is something so big at stake, fidgeting around with multiple scores of data and paperwork is not practical and feasible. When time is of such essence, existing technology is not adaptive for such a work environment.

The solution to this is achieved by redesigning the user experience of the patient digital medical records to a more adaptive and easy interface. One that does not hinder the flow of work in the process of the users i.e., doctors and nurses. The new design will interact with the users and make sure essentials are only a few clicks away. And the highlight will be to make sure the access to data is universal and not system or location specific!

More time to save.








Depth Research, User Experience Design, Prototyping

Better work, better care

In a highly volatile field like medical practice, where your attention is constantly required, you need a tool that will put an end to manual data entry. With the EMR app, you can enter, edit and manage patient data without hindering your workflow.

More time to save

The toughest part when you are working through a really a tight-knit but dynamic schedule is handling records. You could always miss out on something which can lead to a disaster. This EMR app just reduces that risk by many notches and makes sure we provide better and crisper services.

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