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A unique approach to digital resume creation, modular and customizable.

Set your cards right, before you play the game

Many of us are talented and knowledgeable in many different walks of the professional arena. And we are good at learning on the go. And the more we work the more we learn. But, when it comes to moving to a new job or a new firm we clamp up all our work and experience into one big pot which sometimes doesn’t do a favor to us. So we take to arranging and filing the details in a big dossier. Still the information lies clumsy.

Flipfolio is an e-Dossier, to put it in simple words. Here you can file your attributes and information into cards based on the field they are significant in and arrange them in order. And as per the need of the hour, you can shuffle them, mix them, match them and arrange them to suit the requirements for a job you need or a place you need to present to.

Here the cards are set in your favor.








User Experience Design, Visual Design

Many trades. One master.

When you have to present yourself is that you choose what you want to portray. And in this case, 'cards' hold your various profiles, information, achievements. You choose what you want to present yourself as, and you can mix and match them as per your discretion.

When Jack gets into mastering the trades

Never found it easier to build the perfect resume, especially for a jack of all trades. The user experience is bang on and is easier to navigate reducing the clumsiness and confusion.

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