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A social platform which helps type lovers and enthusiasts to connect and share.

Variants of Type

For a connoisseur of digital art, finding the right variant of type or, simply, a font is like hunting for a needle in a haystack. While a plethora of new fonts get invented in the bargain of finding the right one, not many understand the importance of a font and the beauty that lies within the beautifully typeset words.

So, in a world where everything is so social, that you find your type easily, why not make its discovery, as easy as it can be?

Fontli: A people’s place – Lovers of font, typeface, and lettering. Here you can share pictures, conduct discussions, and loathe in font and font only. Without any limitations and inhibitions, you can feel free to be typecast here.

Discover your type, Fontli (FontlyFondly)!




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Incept your Type

You can share any Type that you find interesting. And then categorize them into various types of Type.

Better Letters With Fontli

First of its kind application focusing exclusively on the design and word art demography. With almost 52K users, there is a wide variety of material and people to interact with and be inspired by.

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