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A handy app that allows to keep a track of your activity and food consumption.

Guiding health on the right track

These days, lots of people have adopted a modern and fast-paced lifestyle. In this rat race, no one has enough time to monitor their health. There has been a rise in the health hazards due to erratic and indisciplined food habits and physical inactivity. And although there are various products out there which help a person monitor their health, these require specific activities and allocation of time to be of any use and this still doesn’t solve one’s lifestyle health issues.

Nutrition Inc., a solution to ones everyday health, is a mobile application that helps the user monitor his/her health on a daily basis, by understanding the user’s lifestyle. With that data, the app provides suggestions on diet and tasks. The app also monitors the progress through the tasks and the food logged conveniently in by the user, thereby keeping a track of ones health.


2016 - Ongoing


Nutrition Inc.




Product Design, User Flows, UX Design, Visual Design

Health is the life mantra

Health is the only saving you can do for yourself to lead a better life. Hence,we have gone a step further to help you safeguard your health with a mobile app who is your doctor. The app monitors your eating habits and suggests dietary plans (which include cheat meals). The app also keeps a track of your progress and suggests dietary changes, keeping a tab on your everyday health.

A cheat code to easy nutrition

This is a one of a kind product which doesn’t involve allocation of time in a schedule to maintain ones health. Maintaining a healthy diet without having to work too hard is what is unique about this app. Check out our simple and easy app, and you will know why it is a must have on any phone!

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