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Money Penny

Finance Mobility Product

Keep a track of the most noble way to spend your donation money.

Everyone needs a MoneyPenny, not just James

Everyone wants to make a difference to this planet we live in. We want to be able to be part of the bigger picture. The picture where we see normal people do great things to the benefit of their own. We get inspired by them and we try our level best to do something that has its own little significant impact. But sometimes we feel the need to go the extra mile, but we are bogged down by the ties of commitment.

Now if you had a friend, who helped you make a difference, what will that friend do? Tell you about activities that will need your hand. Give you places where you could donate for a cause and know it’s not being misused. And also make sure your investment in the cause will not go unrewarded. That friend you need is in your phone. MoneyPenny.








UX Design

Every penny matters

Standing up for a social cause is our chance to return some good to this world. But sometimes in the large bandwagon, only the usual causes are being tended to. MoneyPenny is your personal advisor which helps you find, choose and donate to the right cause. And your contributions will be tracked and rewarded accordingly. So, you too are a superhero that saves lives.

Invest, for the right cause

For a person trying to make a mark in the worlds better side there is nothing more you can ask for that MoneyPenny. It really reduces the chances of your money going for a scam or people making a fool out of your goodness. You know where your money is going and that its going for good.

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