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Payroll Management

Enterprise HR Web App

An enterprise portal for the HR Team for simple navigation between their most important tasks.

Simple and Classy

Technology is all about making it simple. And simple is the new classy. That is the idea and inspiration behind this new generation of payroll management portal.

It is an enterprise solution that bridges the user and the admin gap into one portal, making it simpler and accessible to in-house services like payroll management, performance progress et al. The solution uses different modules to manage in-house services for both the employee and the employer, keeping it all together in one single location, where everything is accessible and comprehensible.

The portal uses an all new UX which maintains the quality standards of the company by keeping it simple, but classy.






HR Systems


Experience Design and Visual Design

Simply Rolling with Sophistication

Payroll process defines the efficiency of a company. This integrates a time and attendance module which will now pass on all records of time from any device into Payroll. With time being money, this helps in better administration for the organization.

Flowing with the roll

This platform has made it easier for administrators and human resource managers to simplify the whole payroll distribution process. With user and admin control being hosted at the same place, it's easy to interact and solve issues then and there.

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