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Books Mobility Product

A personal library app for tracking your books, all in one place.

Keeping your dreams, in your pocket

A library is where a dream comes alive. It is where you visualize fantasy and fantasize reality. You can be anything you want. A cop, a wizard or even a kid running around in candy-land. But the problem is you can’t own a library, or do anything about the books you have read or want to read.

This is where modern technology hops in with the idea of a pocket library. No kidding. You can actually have a library in the form of an app on your phone and walk, sit, travel and live with a library. Moreover you can do the most important thing you’ve wanted to do all your life: Keep track of the books you lent.

Don’t you worry, the app has a plan for you.








User Experience Design, Visual Design

Treasure your dreams

We all know how lovely a few printed pages in between a paperback cover are. Now you don’t have to lose any book that you lend. When you create your own library, with this app, not only can you arrange, stack, rate and visually showcase every book you own, moreover, you can also create a list of every book you want to read.

You are your own library

Half of one's books could be anywhere in the world, with a friend or a friend's friend and so on. With this you know whose book you have and know whom you’ve lent to and make sure to get it back on not lose your literary treasures.

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