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This is for those who understand or wish to learn the intricacies of Carnatic and Hindustani music.

Striking a Chord

Saraga is a concept music player geared towards Carnatic and Hindustani music with facilities to explore within recordings and among a sizeable collection of recordings in ways unprecedented in these genres. Most players are designed with a linear conception of time. Saraga’s player interface is designed with a circular conception of time, which is in-line with these genres. It also helps music students zoom in on the areas of interest to them and repeat them.

The player highlights important phrases and lets a musicologist jump between them easily. Movements like “going back a few avrtams to listen again” are easy using the sama-based navigation in the player. The player also presents the overall structure of a performance in a single visual.




Music Technology Group




UX Design, UI Design and Development


Learn the intricacies of
Carnatic and Hindustani music

Change the way we listen to classical music

I have no clue what’s happening. I have tonnes of questions, like what are the different sections of the song and the names of the various improvisations.” The answers to these queries are offered on the screen as the song is played. Another unique feature that sets the app apart from the likes of the Saregama app, is ‘Chakra’ visualisation.

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