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A rapid application development platform for your enterprise's needs.

Making waves, faster and simpler

We all love using apps and enjoy downloading a new one into our foray of devices almost everyday. But the time taken to create an app could take ‘forever’. Then came WaveMaker, and ‘forever’ became a ‘couple of weeks’, although still time consuming.

So, we decided to redesign the process and not the idea. By simply changing the UX of the WaveMaker platform from a complex one to a simply essential module, we achieved our target of reducing time to create apps on the platform. What’s more, the new design adds essential and necessary tools and sample apps to jumpstart the user to app development.

Want to create a wave?




WaveMaker Inc.


Rapid Application Development


User Experience Design, Visual Design, Sample Products Library

App-ing the world

Every platform is looking for apps to function and making an app costs time and research. WaveMaker revolutionizes this process by reducing the time consumed in making an app. Being an open standard app delivery platform, you can create apps in a matter of a few days with integrated platforms, necessary tools, and no coding.

App making just skyrocketed

When you save your time by 50%, there is nothing more that could make you happier. WaveMaker is revolutionizing the whole app development process while ensuring that increased productivity doesn’t mean increased pressure.

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