Formalized Curiosity

The future does not arrive on its own. It arrives because the thinkers take it upon them to arrive at something unpredictable. The "unpredictable" has always been the reason history has been rewritten. There have been solutions to problems age old that haven’t been seen. That line of thought, to view an existing issue differently and also to foresee a problem before its time, is called curiosity.

"We are curious"

Non-Work Collaboration

framework / research /

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An inquiry into development of interpersonal relationship towards collaboration

Smart Retail

Experience Design / IoT / Retail /

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A fresh approach towards ageing experience like buying and selling at supermarkets

Spine Care

Chair / Connect / IoT /

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The smart chair detects your presence, prompts at unhealthy sitting postures, and alerts you when you have been idle for too long. You can also interconnect chairs, and pair them to the cloud with a wireless retrofitting module.

Connecting Employees

Connect / Installation / Spaces /

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Despite many solutions to internal communications in any organization, it is very difficult for the people to connect with each other. "The Wall" is an interactive installation for any office space to connect employees.