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Spine Care

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Spine Care

For anyone who has a desk job, back pain is a common problem. Sitting for hours on end, tend to accelerate spine ailments, and no chair is ergonomic enough that would make sitting, both comfortable and healthy. So, in this world where sitting in front of computer screens for work is so entrenched in us, a chair should alert us about this prolonged sitting times, and incorrect postures.

This is what we decided to work on. An ongoing research, where a chair would send notifications, alert you through haptic, auditory and visual feedback, when you sit for extended periods of time, and/ or sit in improper postures that would otherwise eventually lead to back ailments.

With such a connected chair, a network of chairs is formed which also makes it easier for organizations to keep a track on the occupancy of these chairs, their servicing schedule, and usage statistics. The organization also could persuade people to have a healthy life by having healthy sitting cycles. Check out the concept video here.








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