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The Wall is an interactive installation for any office space to connect employees.

In any organization it is very difficult for people to connect to each other, irrespective of many organisation-level solutions or applications like web chat, internal website, yammer etc.

The idea of the Wall is to provide the employees with an interactive space within the office premises which can seamlessly and effortlessly enable them to engage and connect to any other employee.

The wall as a space, would be indispensable and would empower the employees to one stop information availability. It serves as a platform to view information in an organized way, wherein the content admin has full control over what & how the information will be displayed. The displayed information can be curated across different locations.

Eventually, the Wall would not only display information but would also enable people to react and respond to it! That is where it becomes an integral part of employees as well as the organisation. We are still exploring ways of how people may interact with the Wall; be it mobile based, touch based or gesture based.

The whole essence of the installation goes beyond the idea of a mere display of news, posters, banners etc., but we envision it to be the next gen engagement platform for office spaces.






Installation, IoT


Experience Design, Prototyping

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